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Fridya last day of c-track

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Okayy well, on friday,it was the last day for c-track for the first semester, then we would be off for 2 months. But since i am cross tracking to A, i still have to go to school for like one hour. But anyways. My friend told Aldrix this " hey when are you going to ask her out?" and aldrix (remember which is otani) said " why, why do you want to know!!" then my friend said " cause there are like three other guys going for her" . HA! yes that is true there are other guys going for me.. but i like him the most. And when i saw him, he look so depressed, and all sad. He just stared at me & stuff..when i talked to him for like a bit, he had such a depressing deep voice, and like i left cause our teacher let us leave and walk around campus after checking in with the teacher. Then i saw him walking around, and he just looked so DAMN SAD! so yeahh when i talked to him i told him i had to talk to him afterschool. So yeah as time passes by, its 6th period and we are walking around, and i see him and say i have to talk to you, so i take him and we start walking and i tell him that we arent going to probably see eachother  alot because of break, but he said intersession and i said im not in that i said i was in a track so i MIGHT see him, then i was telling him that even though there is this guy that likes me, doesnt mean i would go for him, that in the end i still choose you out of all those guys. then the bell rings, and he puts his hand out for a hug, but  instead.. i say 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!!" then he looks and i kiss him right on the cheek and run. <3 then end HAHAH then i went to the mall with my friends and he went too, but i couldint find him, so i left at 7 and my friends saw him wiht his friends  i miss him.h
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