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because I actually !

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[23:11] polyabc123go: did i actually change..
[23:11] subarashiicakes: what happened o.o
[23:11] subarashiicakes: change?
[23:12] polyabc123go: what a dick..
[23:12] polyabc123go: hes all telling me off
[23:12] polyabc123go: what the fawc
[23:12] polyabc123go: all saying your gonna make me cry , youve changed blah blah
[23:13] polyabc123go: your always depressed
[23:13] polyabc123go: he just doesnt understand that im ctually happy
[23:13] polyabc123go: and when im sad he makes fun of me
[23:13] subarashiicakes: that's weird..
[23:13] polyabc123go: but when im actually happy and i know what im doing, and staying faithful he gets all mad or whatever and says youve changed
[23:13] polyabc123go: i mean really
[23:14] polyabc123go: i dont need this
[23:14] polyabc123go: and plus he doesnt even know shit
[23:14] polyabc123go: i swear
[23:14] polyabc123go: if only i could throw him out
[23:15] polyabc123go: gosh whenever i become alright and happy with what i have and recovered from a broken feelings, they expect bad things to happen
[23:15] subarashiicakes: seems like hes' keeping you down..
[23:15] subarashiicakes: >.>
[23:15] polyabc123go: no shit right -___-
[23:15] polyabc123go: what the freak man
[23:15] polyabc123go: and im always faithful and stuff
[23:16] polyabc123go: and i do everything for him !
[23:16] polyabc123go: it doesnt make sense
[23:16] polyabc123go: why ae they getting mad at me that ive changed???
[23:16] polyabc123go: i hate this
[23:16] subarashiicakes: how have you changed though
[23:16] polyabc123go: i knoww right
[23:16] polyabc123go: i dont get it
[23:17] polyabc123go: he was all being sad and sarcastic is was becoming annoying
[23:17] polyabc123go: freaking tripping out
[23:17] polyabc123go: my brother needs to calm down
[23:18] subarashiicakes: yeaah.
[23:18] polyabc123go: im really mad
[23:18] polyabc123go: like relaly pissed
[23:18] polyabc123go: i dont even trust that motha fudgah
[23:19] polyabc123go: why is it that im only tyring to seek god and im like getting closer to him everyday by reading the bible and praying, but then i get this crap
[23:19] polyabc123go: when im actually happy
[23:19] polyabc123go: then they say Oh youve changed and its bad i want the old sister back
[23:19] polyabc123go: it makes so freaking mad
[23:20] subarashiicakes: :/ i guess they just dont realize that everything's fine.
[23:20] polyabc123go: ugh..
[23:21] polyabc123go: dude im serious, i have grown a good relationship with god , then now they brought me down
[23:21] polyabc123go: im freaking mad
[23:21] polyabc123go: i only want to do the right things<input ... ></input><input ... >
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